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Our in-house team is responsible for revising and assessing the quality of the translations delivered by our freelancers.

The language will of course be assessed, but checks will also be made to ensure your brief has been adhered to.

Our team is also responsible for managing each of your projects.

Every order is unique.

You are not just another client: companies have their own specific requirements or recommendations, and it’s our business to ensure that they are observed throughout the entire translation process.

Terminology, reference documentation, tools – the elements to be factored in may vary widely depending on the type of text to be translated.

Researching, compiling glossaries and establishing terminology are further aspects of our expertise. Using these skills we set up terminological databases which are client-specific and subject-specialised.

We can build these terminologies over the course of a partnership or within the framework of actual projects. Databases such as these grow out of specific research, the background of previous translations and the client’s own terminology lists. An open invitation exists as a matter of course for clients to approve the terminology with which they are concerned.

The advantages arising from the efficient maintenance of these databases are many: projects turned around faster, less time spent researching, consistency of terminology for a client or a specific field, consistency between different translations and, indeed, different translators.

BLS currently possesses some twenty-odd client- and field-specific databases. They include over 100,000 specialised terms, all categorised and searchable online.

Each project is examined from the IT angle according to the client’s requirements and the unique nature of each text.

The aim is to select the most suitable tool for the project: an in-house terminology database, a client terminology file, “pre-translation” using computer-aided translation software, or an entirely separate computer-aided translation.

Choosing the right resource means good, systematic database management. This is seen to on a daily basis.

Thanks to this constant housekeeping, our long experience, and scrupulous recruitment procedures, we have won acceptance at an international level.

We work with specialist mother-tongue linguists around the world.

We will find the best translator for you, one who will actively contribute to the success of your activities.

Revision is the key to the quality of a translation. Translators are expected to edit their own work before submission. But it has been shown that a further examination, by a reviser who has not been “influenced” by the source text, or “blinded” by the translation itself, is essential for maximum quality.

At BLS, we make it a point of honour to revise every text that has been translated into a modern European language.

Should any corrections emerge from the in-house revision, the translator will be informed with a view to improving the quality of future translations. If any questions remain, we undertake the necessary research.

A key element of our quality procedure is being ever attentive to the client’s conditions and requirements. To this end, we offer you a personalised service: you will only speak to a single contact, your project manager, who will underwrite the quality of the work required.

Your documents can be delivered using all the usual software programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML). It will be returned to you in exactly the same format as the source text.

And you can choose how you wish to send the work – hard copy, mail, courier, fax or simply by email.

Our methodology, procedures and processes are certified ISO 9001-2008.

This certification is subject to daily monitoring oriented on continuous improvement and an efficient communication between the different parties implicated in each project.

It is subject to annual audits which lead to the triennial recertification of our system as a whole.